This book places the presidency of Donald Trump as well as the brewing Sino-American Cold War within the broader historical context of American hegemony in Asia, which traces its roots to Alfred Thayer Mahan’s call for a naval build up in the Pacific, the subsequent colonization of the Philippines and, ultimately, reaching its apotheosis after the defeat of Imperial Japan in the Second World War. The book, drawing on visits from Cairo to California and Perth to Pyongyang as well as interviews and exchanges with heads of state and senior officials from across the Indo-Pacific, provides an overview of the arc of American primacy in the region for scholars, journalists, and concerned citizens.

"Richard Heydarian captures the great power competition between the United States and China, and its impact on the Indo-Pacific region, better than any other single author to date. Heydarian's independent analysis, engaging voice, and commanding knowledge should be read throughout the Indo-Pacific region and the United States."

Patrick M. Cronin, Chair for Asia-Pacific Security, Hudson Institute

"This book is a must reading for those of us who would like a clear understanding of the leadership style of the superpowers as well as the future of the Indo-Pacific concept and the Belt and Road Initiative, from the perspective of a young Southeast Asian analyst."

Wilfrido Villacorta, former ASEAN Deputy Secretary-General

"Richard Heydarian’s new book deals front and center with the great geo-stratetegic issues of our time...Richard weaves these themes through his book, importantly, including from the perspectives of middle and small powers in the Indo Pacific."

Stephen Francis Smith, former Australian Defense and Foreign Minister.

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