In 2015, he published another single-authored book, "Asia's New Battlefield: US, China, and the Struggle for Western Pacific" (Zed, London), which provides a comprehensive account of the territorial disputes in East and Southeast Asia and how it affects smaller countries like the Philippines. It traces the decades-long evolution of Sino-American relations in Asia, and how this pivotal relationship has been central to prosperity and stability in one of the most dynamics regions of the world. It also looks at how middle powers – from Japan and Australia to India and South Korea – have joined the fray, trying to shape the trajectory of the territorial disputes in the Western Pacific, which can, in turn, alter the future of Asia – and ignite an international war that could re-configure the global order.

Drawing on extensive discussions and interviews with experts and senior policy-makers across the Asia-Pacific region, the book highlights the growing geopolitical significance of the East and South China Sea disputes to the future of Asia – providing insights into how the so- called Pacific century will shape up. The book has also been very well-received, and is currently available at leading bookstores in the Philippines and globally as well as in leading universities' libraries. The following are some of the praises for the book:

“Combining lucid analysis with rich data and elegant prose, Heydarian's book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the future of Asia.”

Alexander Vuving, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Heydarian offers a study of the South China Sea disputes that is novel in approach and impressive in breadth.”

Gregory Poling, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington D.C.

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